Friday, 3 April 2009

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Project TriBSA Street Tracker

Having discovered that long low custom bikes aren't really my thing I have decided to rebuild my TriBSA as a street tracker, that is a street bike that takes its styling cues from flat track racers.

Progress so far (Feb 2004) has been limited to

  • Extending the slots in the box section swingarm to shorten the wheelbase
  • Purchase of longer shocks from Hagon to restore ground clearance
  • Purchase of a fibreglass XR style seat unit from Unatec Product Design
  • Purchase of rearset footrests from Barleycorn
  • Purchase of a set of steel flat track bars from Flattrackmotors
  • Purchase of a pair of TZR wheels
  • Machining spacers to fit TZR in box section swinging arm
  • Machining cush drive to restore chain alignment
  • Purchase of a set of TZR forks
  • Purchase of a set of billet alloy yokes from Bowden Auto Engineering in Bristol. These yokes allow me to use the standard A10 headstock with the TZR forks

    This picture shows the TZR wheel in place, but before the spacers were made up. Since this photo was taken I have fitted the yokes, forks and wheels. This means the bike is at least a rolling chassis, which makes it easier to move about the garage.

    The bike is still a long way from completion, but I'm in no great hurry. The major tasks that need doing are
  • Obtain a tank, either a suitable second hand tank or a custom made alloy one
  • Fabricate a subframe for the fibreglass seat unit
  • Mount the rear set footpegs and convert rear brake to hydraulic operation to match the TZR disc brake
  • Rewire
  • etc.etc.etc.....
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