Monday, 20 July 2009

Its the little things....

I think I've got to the point now where most of the big jobs have been done and I now have a million and one small things to do to finish the job.

I recently discovered that changes to the MoT system will mean that Q plate bikes are tested as if they were manufactured on their date of registration rather than the old 'assumed date' of 1971. This means I need to fit indicators and a front brake light switch.

To comply with this I've fitted some LED indicators....


and rear....

As you can see from the picture above I've also fitted the rear number plate bracket, brake light and number plate light. I'm a bit worried about the angle of the number plate. If I move it closer to vertical it might hit the rear wheel on full suspension compression. I've decide do leave it as it is for the moment and worry about it if it causes a problem at the MoT.

Of course all this electrickery will need switchgear. I had originally wanted to go for minimal switchgear and was trying how to figure out how to mount a micro-switch in the handlebar end for high/low beam. However with the addition of indicators I decided to go for full switch gear. I bought a left hand switch unit off ebay which not only handles all my switching requirements but also has an inbuilt high beam indicator which makes things easier.

I had bought some levers off one of the guys on but I couldn't use them with the switchgear as the clutch lever fouled the switch housing. Fortunately a rummage in my box of bits that may come in useful revealed I had a lever and perch that didn't foul and matched the brake I had been intending to use all along.

I found a local upholstery place who covered the seat pan.

I'm quite pleased with how things are looking, here is the bike with the exhaust mocked up.

I've made a start on sorting out the wiring by fabricating a plate for all the electrical black boxes to attach to. I've just got to sort out where I'm going to put everything and I can start wiring the bike up.

As a final note I spoke to JMC last week and they reckon my swinging arm should be finished some time next week..... fingers crossed.

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