Sunday, 3 April 2011

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Spent a few hours in the shed today.

Seeing as the yokes are at Griff's for powder coat I decided to concentrate on the back end. So I bolted everything together and tapped the bracket for the brake torque arm on the swingarm.

I'll replace the studding with something a bit more elegant, either in stainless steel or mild and the plated.

I also finished the brackets for the headlight. By cunningly using a piece of angle, a couple of mole grips and a battery charger I was able to establish that it dips to the left which is nice.

Oh and here's a picture of the tyres I bought from Steve at Red Max.

Plan is to get them fitted to the wheels next Friday by Nick at Griff's. That way I'm reasonably confident they will be fitted without chipping the powder coat and if it does chip I don't get into a tyre fitter blames the powder coater who blames the tyre fitter situation.

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