Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bits done.

Last Friday (20th) I managed to leave work early enough to drop the front wheel off at Griff's to have the off-set sorted. To my surprise the rear was ready to be collected which was nice.

This meant on Tuesday I could try the rear wheel for size.

It's a bit tight on clearance for tyre growth at speed so I'll have to keep an eye on it when adjusting the chain.

While I was in the shed I tried the headlight for size. As I intend to mount a number board in front of the light I want it to be as far back in the yokes as possible. The sides of the housing interfering with the fork legs stopped it from going back as far as I wanted.

So this morning I filed the sides of the housing. The light can now sit further back. I'm not happy with the mount I made so I'll be redoing that at some point in the future. I then spent a couple of hours tidying the Mushroom Shed. I can find stuff now....

This afternoon I managed to grab an hour in the workshop. I had bought some paddock stand bobbins. The bolts that they came with were too long for the holes in the swing arm so I polished a couple of shorter stainless 8mm countersunk bolts and used them.

Hopefully I'll be getting the front wheel soon and I'll have a rolling chassis.

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