Sunday, 8 May 2011

Couple of hours in the workshop.

I had Friday off work but spent most of the day lying down with my eyes shut due to what the GP reckoned was Labyrinthitis. Cleared up today but meant I had to do all the other things I had been planning to do rather than work on the bike.

However I did manage to get over there for a few hours this evening.

I bolted the brake calliper to the fork leg and centered the wheel in it. This established where the hub needs to be. I then measure the off set required to bring the rim central in the forks. Works out I need the rim over by 10mm. I think the calliper should still clear the spokes.

When I had done that I started on machining up some countersunk 'washers' for the swing arm and shock bolts. I could have used ordinary bolts but I like the look of these.

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