Friday, 10 June 2011

Number board continued...

Had a day off work to collect my OH from hospital. Unfortunately she had to stay in another day so I went down the shed to take my mind off things while I waited for visiting hours.

First off all I tried the caliper Toddy sent me for size. Unless I modify it it is going to join the other calipers I have that don't fit. The photo below shows three of the four tried so far.

I may still be able to use the AJP but I'll need to modify it...

I then turned my attention to the front wheel. Looks like having the wheel offset by 10mm has fixed the alignment issues I was having.

Just need to turn a few spacers and I'll have a roller.

Most of my time was spent on the number board. I decided to try mounting the light from the number board rather than the yokes. To do this I made a couple of brackets from 2mm angle and welded them in place.

I tried a new technique for this. I drilled and countersunk a couple of 8mm holes in each bracket and rosette welded them in place. It appears to have worked quite well.

Next I attempted to weld the stainless steel mesh in place. I found that very short spot welds were the only way I could avoid burning the thin mesh back.

Not too happy with how this turned out and may try something else, something neater. However it did hold everything in place while I hammered the mesh from the side shown above to make it flush with the front side.

Cheltenham auto jumble tomorrow. I've been planning and making a shopping list.

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