Thursday, 11 August 2011

Torque Arm

Last week I ordered some 12mm free machining grade stainless rod. Yesterday I took it into the mushroom shed and introduced it to Mr Lathe.

I now have a rear caliper torque arm.

Hopefully getting a rear sprocket at the Cheltenham Autojumble on Saturday. Once I've got that I just need a few stainless fasteners and some powder coating done and that's the roling chassis completed.


  1. Nice, although would it not have been easier to just use a piece of square bar and drill each end?

  2. Not really, the rose joints compensate for the fact that the anchor point is not exactly in line with the caliper bracket and allows a small degree of adjustment which eliminates a problem with the clearance between the caliper bracket and the swing arm on full extension (caused by the non linear adjustment provided by the eccentric adjusters).

    Oh and I had them lying around and they look cool.

  3. Fair enough, most torque arms have a double bend in as they're not in line but give no adjustment!

    Does look kewl though. :-)