Thursday, 20 October 2011

A bit of a pickle.

I've made a start on preparing some of the parts I have that I'll be nickle plating. The largest of which is the strap that holds the oil tank. I managed to get the scale off the areas that will be visible using a scotchbrite wheel but used about half of the wheel. I've got some pickling salts for preparing parts for plating and I thought I'd see how they would do the trick.

So I mixed up the pickling salts in the container that was supplied to them, my rough calculations indicate that they are probably on the low end of the recommended strength of 100-200g / litre.

I then stuck the strap in the solution.

The cloudiness in the photo above is due to the salts not dissolving. next time I'll use warm water. 
After a while I checked the condition of the workpiece. There was still a lot of scale on it....

At this point I decided a bit of heat might help...

 After a bit longer I thought things weren't working as there was still a lot of scale, however taking the workpiece out of the solution, rinsing and scrubbing revealed that the scale had been loosened. The dark bits in the photo below show where the solution didn't cover the part.

I've stuck the piece back in the solution with the ends covered this time. As I'm writing this I'm waiting for the chemicals to do their stuff.

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