Monday, 21 November 2011

Gearbox in.

I took today of work specifically to work on the bike however GP appointments and housekeeping took up rather too much of the day for my liking but I did make significant progress.

The first thing I set about was fitting the stainless bits I bought from Lightning spares a while back. Starting with the gearbox plunger housing, here's the rusty old one I took off.

.... and here's the new one installed, the camplate pivot nut is a new stainless item as well.

....and here you can see the new oil drain/level plugs and the inspection cover that I sprayed with Hammerite a while ago.

By the time I'd done all the above it was nearly time for lunch but before I went I had a bit of a headscratch as to how the gearbox brackets went together. I finally sorted it out, this is one of the pictures I took for future reference.

I managed to get back to the shed for a late afternoon/early evening session, mostly spent polishing the gearbox mounting plates and cleaning up all the mounting hardware. I now have the gearbox in place but I still need a couple of fasteners (ordered from Wye Valley Supplies) before I can finish the job.

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