Thursday, 16 May 2013

Photo's by popular demand.

A couple of people have commented on the lack of posts recently. This has been due to

  1. Me losing my camera for a while
  2. Me not getting much time in the shed
  3. The jobs I've managed to do being fairly un-photogenic
So seeing as I've now found my camera here are some photos. Starting with the battery strap I took far too long making considering no-one will ever see it.

.... and another thing that looks lovely but will be hidden away, my Bob Newby belt drive. It feels wrong that it will be out of sight behind the primary cover.

Something else that will be out of sight is the electrics, which is a pity because I managed to do a moderately tidy job.

Finally something that will be on show, I bought a rocker feed off ebay. Nick at Griffs powdercoated it and rubbed it back to expose the fins.

Now I've found my camera I may post something again soon.

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