Monday, 27 May 2013

Tank Bracket.

Went to Kempton autojumble on Saturday, finally managed to get sone m6 countersunk bolts the right length for the number board mountings and a few other bits and bobs. Did some straight forward stuff today, fitted the clutch cable and polished the markings off the number board bolts.

I then started on the bracket for the tank. The background to this is the A10 tank has a couple of bosses for a strap that is supposed to stop the tank from developing splits. Unfortunately when I welded the anti-roll bracket to the frame I managed to place it where the strap should go.

So I cut a length from some 3 inch wide stainless I had lying around...

...and then after a few hours of hacksawing, filing and drilling I had a replacement bracket. The photo shows the original strap and the new U-Shaped bracket. Still needs a bit of tidying up and polishing but its worked out pretty well.

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