Thursday, 16 April 2009


After playing with the seat unit on Good Friday I decided to have a go at the exhaust on Saturday. I've got an old exhaust that came with my Husqvarna. I'd already established that the 2-1 section fitted the Trophy pipes but wasn't sure how things would come together on the bike. I was a bit reticent to cut up a perfectly good exhaust but it was the only way to see if things could be made to fit and how the bike would hang together with this exhaust.

One thing that seamed obvious to me was the silencer was too long, so used insulating tape to mark where I wanted to cut the can.

It wasn't too much effort to cut the back of the can using a hacksaw and decent quality blades. Yes blades, I used two blades but the first one was pretty used to start with. I'm guessing that the grade of stainless used for the can is pretty hard on blades. This picture shows the back of the can cut off.

The next step was to drill out the rivets to release the end cap.

Pulling out the exhaust wadding allowed me to get a drift inside the can and knock out the end cap.

The next step was to remove the perforated baffle attached to the end cap. I was worried this might have been welded in place but it was only a press fit and a couple of sharp taps with a soft faced mallet released it. Now it was just a case of putting the end cap in the shortened can..... easier said than done.

The can hadn't held it's shape, possibly being deformed during the cutting process and as a result the end cap wouldn't go in. I haven't got any shots of what I did next because I was concentrating on solving the problem but I did manage to get the end cap in place by a combination of bending the last 1/4" of the end cap in and flaring the edge of the can out. This process took a while but eventually I got the end cap in place. I just wish I had put the exhaust wadding in first. I'll have to take the can apart and repack it at some point but at least I know it can be done.

Finally I hacked the connector pipe apart to give me the 2-1 manifold. This allowed me to mock up the pipe as shown below.

I'm not sure about this pipe, sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. If I decide to use it I'll have to remove one of the mounting points for the exhaust can. At least I haven't had to cut the down pipes to get this far so I can always go back to the lengths of stainless tube and baffles I had originally. Another option is a pair of megas, Britchopper had a feature on Odgies Triumph this month and that has the sort of pipes I'm thinking of.

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