Friday, 17 April 2009

Tanks for the memory....

I've been thinking about the oil tank recently. One option is to make one myself. The other option is to get one made up. Obviously getting one made up is easier than trying to make one, especially when I'm my dodgy ankle is playing up and reducing the time I can spend in the workshop, so I gave Unity a call to see how much their 'POA' tanks cost. Unfortunately they don't make them any more as they can't find anyone willing to make low volumes.....

Then I recalled a bloke in Bristol who made some stuff up for me and raced in pre 65 MX. It was a few years back but I had a recollection that the had said he could make up oil tanks. Using the magic of Google I got a number for him and gave him a bell. First of all things didn't seem too promising but after a bit of a chat it turns out that although it wasn't the sort of thing he makes he might have in his spares stash. I've arranged to call back on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

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