Sunday, 7 June 2009

Yesterday I went to the Cheltenham autojumble in the morning, but it was a bit rubbish and there was nothing I wanted to buy. In the afternoon I went down to my garage and threw some filler at my seat unit.

From Tribsa Stuff

I also did some more work to the seat unit sub-frame, fabricating the front tab to hold the assembly in place using a hole already in the frame and shaping a piece of strap that will be used to rivet the seat unit to the subframe. This photo shows everything in place ready for welding.

Today I seemed to spend all of my time rubbing things down, first of all sanding the filler I put on the seat unit then polishing out the worst of the scratches from where I ground off one of the mounting brackets from the end can. I also welded the mounting bracket and seat mounting to the subframe. I didn't bother taking photos of these but I did wheel the bike outside for a couple of shots.

I'm quite pleased with the way things are progressing.

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