Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Over the last couple of days I've had a couple of sessions in the garage, mostly working on the seat unit.

This shows the subframe welded up.

The next step was to make a seat pan that will be upholstered and attached to the seat unit. As I had to cut the seat unit to clear the frame rails at the front I decided that making the pan out of fibreglass would be easier than, say, metal.

To make the pan I mounted the seat unit, used gaffer tape to bridge the gaps between the seat unit and the frame rails and covered the whole lot in cling film.

I then mixed up some gel coat and applied it to the cling film.

I waited for the gel coat to go off and then laid up (IIRC) four layers of CSM on top of the gel coat. As I wasn't sure about how much catalyst I had used for the resin I left it over night. This gave me this.

The following day I removed the seat pan and took off the cling film. I'm not sure if I'd bother with a gel coat next time as the finish as pretty poor (like .... er wrinkled cling film funnily enough).

I then trimmed the seat pan down to fit the seat unit.

At this point the battery on my camera died, but I'll try and get some shots of the seat pan on the seat unit. I'm pretty pleased with the way things turned out, I just need to find someone who can do the upholstery for me now.

As an aside once I'd finished with the seat pan I chopped a couple of inches off each exhaust pipe as I reckoned they exhaust was too long with the end can (even though I had shortened it).

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