Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Half step forward ten steps back

My build has ground to a standstill recently, mainly because of problems with the oil tank and swinging arm. As I've said previously I have two central oil tanks one alloy that fits using the mounts I have but is in poor condition and one steel which is in better condition but doesn't fit. Well I've finally found someone locally who can make copy of the alloy one (hopefully without the dents). So if he actually delivers that's a problem solved (he's given me a two week delivery date)

The biggest stopper though has been getting my swingarm from JMC. It's been 9 months so far but it looks like things might be finally moving. They sent through a drawing of what they have on file as an A10 arm. However it's obviously for a different year than mine. I've played around on a CAD package (QCAD, recommended) and have realised that there is no way to design an arm that will take my wheel using the 35x75mm aluminium JMC use unless the wheel is moved back or the loops for the pillion footrests are removed.

As I already have an extended swingarm that fits and I want standard geometry I think the way forward is to cut the pillion loops off the frame, which means that I loose the mounting points I'm using for the rear sets.

I've got to go back to the workshop to take some more measurements before I can move this forward.

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