Sunday, 8 August 2010

Started painting....

I've started painting the tank, but TBH pictures of a tank in primer are pretty boring so I haven't bothered taking any.

I have finished making up the end for my brake pedal. This took a while and wasn't without incident, I broke the tap on the last hole but managed to get the tip out and after grinding the end of the tap into a point rescued the thread. Being aware of the potential for scrapping the piece by breaking the tap (because that is what happened last time) I drilled and tapped the holes first, giving me this...

With the holes drilled and tapped I cut and ground the end to shape...

Since then I've assembled a paint booth out of a £7.50 tesco gazebo and plastic sheet and changed the shape of the brake pedal slightly as I realised that it would foul the primary case.

I've also received a quote from Griff's in Bristol which is very reasonable so I just need to do a bit more welding on the frame and I'll take it down to Brizzle to get painted. I've also contacted Pete at Chops and Bobbers and hopefully he'll be able to weld a brake torque arm bracke to the swingarm for me.

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