Friday, 23 July 2010

Bloody computers....

Since I last updated my blog my desktop pc has died, I can complain too much as I cobbled it together using the best parts of two dead pcs. I had thought about getting a cheapo netbook but decided the £250 it would cost would be better spent on bike parts. My OH has donated an ancient (about 10 years old) laptop and I've managed to get it running Linux Puppy so I'm back on line.

In the workshop I've been busy sorting out a rear brake pedal. I've made a pivot up

....and welded it to the frame

I've also made a pedal up

I just need to figure out how to make up the bit you actually press on and add something to operate the hydraulic cylinder. This may be a bit of a problem as interweb research suggests that to get the required ratio (4-1) it will need to be 4inches long. As regards something to press on I started to make a pedal end from some 6mm plate with 4mm cap heads to provide grip. I didn't have the correct drill to cut the 4mm thread so tried using a 3mm (slightly too small). Cut two threads before I broke my cheap tap in the third.

I've ordered a decent HSS tap and the correct size drills so I may give it another go.

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