Sunday, 17 October 2010

Headlights and Numberboards

I've been mulling over whether or not to fit a front number board to the TriBSA. I had considered going with a magneto (I'm sure I've got something suitable stashed somewhere) and no lights but that kind of means never riding after dark and/or in heavy rain. I also quite like the idea of having at least a brake light.

I had been looking at projector beam lights but they are a) expensive b) too deep to hide behind a number board. Inspiration came in the latest issue of GKM which featured an Ironhead Sportster tracker that had the headlight behind a fold down number board. In fact I had seen this bike at the Hayride and only realised it had a headlight when I read the article so you could say its well concealed.

So when I went to the Stafford show today I was on the lookout for the light unit that had been used on that sportster. To my surprise I found one within ten minutes of looking. I may have never noticed this light before because to be honest I would only ever want to use one if it were hidden.

Once I've finished the paint I'll try and figure out how I mount this and a number board.

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