Sunday, 28 November 2010

Friday was welding day.

Started off with a list of jobs to do before powder coat.

BTH thats my shed-built white board, I wanted a proper one but they cost a stupid amount of money. As I used a sharpie it won't wipe off so I'll have to spray some more white before I make another list.

One job down.

What isn't too obvious is how bad the welding is. It's a good job it can't be seen with the tank in place.

Next job was to weld the bosses for the coil bracket. As I'm crap at getting things aligned by eye I made a simple welding jig by drilling a couple of holes in a piece of box section.
This meant I could place the boss in the right place and parallel to the existing mount for the head steady.

 With the first boss welded in place I used the some jig (cut down a bit) to locate the second boss.
This meant I had two out of the five jobs completed. So I started on the third, making up a footrest bracket for the right hand side of the frame. This won't be used and I'm still in two minds as to whether I need it. I've got a mount on the left hand side of the frame for my brake pedal but I might still decide to go for rear sets. My thinking is that it would be better to have the bracket and not need it than have to stip off the powder coat and re-paint at some point in the future. Anyway I made a suitable bracket but still haven't welded it on.

At this point I was getting hungry so I called it a day.

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