Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ready for powdercoat.

Only managed to spend about 5 hours over the weekend in the workshop but I think I've done all the welding I need to do before getting the frame coated. First thing done was the steering stop. I had intended to use a piece of round drilled out and threaded with button head bolts in each end. It is an idea I saw Jesse James use on one of the Discovery channel programs.

Anyway I started by turning some 16mm steel bar down to 11mm and drilling a hole through it. I then cut it to a length of 22mm and cut a 6mm thread through it. I then attempted to weld this to the headstock.

While tack welding it in place I applied too much heat and got a blob of weld inside the threaded bit. I tried to clean the thread with a tap and snapped the weld off. At this point (and after 2 hours of machining) I decided I was over-complicating what is a simple part of the bike so after 10 minutes with the bandsaw, angle grinder and the welder I had this in place.
Having managed to make a 10 minute job take over two hours I decided to call it a day and go home for my tea.

That was yesterday, today I continued welding and grinding.

Tank bracket...

Oil tank table...

Footrest hanger (I decided to weld one on just in case I decide to use rear sets)

...and here are the bits I intend to take to the powder coaters.

With a bit of luck I'll be dropping the bits off at Griff's on Friday.

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