Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fork Stops

One of the jobs on my list is the fork stops. Before I sent the frame off to be powder coated I welded a tab to the front of the headstock but I still needed to put some for stops onto the yokes.

First step was to put the tank on, put the yokes on and place a fork leg in the yokes. This allowed me to determine where I wanted to put the fork stops.

I then centre punched and drilled the yokes.

With the holes drilled and tapped I was able to work out the optimum height where the cap heads I was going to use would make full impact with the tab on the headstock but miss the frame to headstock gussets.

With this height established I was able to turn up a couple of spacers to go under the cap heads.

With the fork stops sorted I set about putting the swinging arm back in the frame. I polished the stainless steel adapters for the 15mm spindle before assembly. Once I had the arm in place I couldn't resist bunging the seat unit on to see how everything looked. I quite pleased with how things are going at the moment.

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