Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Quit while you're behind

Yesterday started well enough, I unpacked some of the powder coating I picked up at the Bristol Bike show at the weekend.

... fork lowers and oil tank

... cush drive

I didn't bother taking pictures of my lovely new wheels as I'm going to leave them in their plastic until I need them.

I then proceeded to finish welding my welding bench before making a start on mounting the coil.

I was quite pleased at this point. Then I had the bright idea of seeing how things would look with the tank in place. Before I could get the tank in place I put the anti-roll rubbers in their bracket, however with these in place the tank wouldn't fit. I thought it was just a bit tight (it fitted ok before paint and powder) so I pushed the tank down.... then I couldn't get it off... then I could (YAY) but I now need to fix some chips on the paint (BOO).

Oh and I've realised the coil mount bracket will interfere with the head steady...

I went home at this point a bit miffed.

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