Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bit of progress.

I got a couple of hours in the workshop and now the tank goes over the anti-roll rubbers snugly after I introduced them to Mr Belt Sander.

I also touched up the paint where I chipped it getting the tank off the previously too big rubbers.

I just used a small artists brush to do this, took ages though because the small artists brush was hiding amongst piles of crap in the workshop.

I'll be wet sanding the fresh paint as soon as its warn enough to sit outside in soggy jeans.

I thought about remaking the coil bracket but decided to wait until I've got the engine back in the frame and the head steady in place.

The last thing I did was measure up the various bearings and seals that the wheels use so I can order new ones where required and make a start on the various spacers.

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