Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bit of progress, polishing and a mystery.

Got the freshly powder coated yokes in place yesterday

While putting the yokes together I decided to polish the lock stops, while the mops were out I polished the heads of the countersunk bolts I bought at Stafford. Picture below shows the results along with an unpolished one for reference.

Now for the mystery...

When I stripped the forks I put everything back on the fork leg to keep it all in one place.

When I ordered the parts to rebuild the forks I basically ordered one of everything on the parts fiche. When I compared this to what I had taken out of the LHS fork I found that there was a washer missing from the parts I had ordered. Odd thing is the RHS didn't have this second, thinner washer.

A trip down to Skellerns (my local Yamaha bike shop) solved the mystery, the thinner washer is
a spacer for use when using 'leak prrof' seals.

With the mystery solved I rebuilt the LHS leg and installed it in the yokes (after polishing the pre-load adjuster)

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