Thursday, 28 April 2011

I bet Jesse James doen't have to leave a job half done to wait for the dishwasher repair man...

RHS fork leg went together easier than the LHS one, which meant I had the front end together (sans wheel).

Now I could get on with machining the spacers for the front wheel. First thing to do is make a spacer to keep the bearing inners apart and allow the standard bearings to be used with the 12mm TZR axle.

First of all I needed to reduce the OD of the ally I had from 1 inch or so down to 22mm. I fired up the lathe and started making swarf.

About a hour or two later I had the spacer made up, a good fit on both bearings and holding them the correct distance apart....

The only fly in the ointment was I had to leave to meet the dishwasher repair man which meant I didn't have time to drill the hole for the axle.

It's now two hours after dishwasher repair man said he'd be here and no sign of him.....grrrr.

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