Monday, 16 January 2012

Etching continued...

I found somewhere to photo-copy the design onto the press and peel. All for the princely sum of 20p.

Haven't got any pictures of transferring the design onto the metal. Basically I used an iron and a combination of techniques I got off the internet. I think I may have had the iron too cool ('Nylon' setting) when a thread on Chop Cult recommends the highest setting.

For my first attempt I'm using brass with PCB etchant from Maplins. Set up is shown below, simply put parcel tape around the outside of the design and on the back of the metal add a parcel tape handle and bung it in the acid.

While I was waiting for the etchant to do its thing I prepared the next piece to go into the acid.

After two hours in the etchant I had quite a deep etch. However at some point the resist had lifted in the top right corner meaning this area was slightly etched. To get an idea of how this would look I used a marker pen to black out the design and rub away raised area with an abrasive block.

Reasonably happy with the result but not happy enough not to try again tomorrow. This time I'll try warming the acid to speed things up.

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