Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cleaning stuff up...

Tried to flat back the paint on the petrol tank, nearly got it when I broke through to the red paint below so I had to paint over things again.

The other things I did was clean up the primary inner before bolting it in place. Looks like I'll need to make up a spacer to go between the frame lug and the chaincase.

I had planned to strip the cylinder head so I could get it blasted but I found that the spring compressor I had wasn't suitable so I decided to try cleaning it. Tried most of the degreasers I had in the shed along with some carb cleaner before leaving the worst bits soaking in thinners.

I'm taking the gearbox cover and timing cover over to Griff's tomorrow. I'm also getting some stuff zinc plated at the same time. One of the components I'm getting plated is the end of the gear change. As I had disassemble the gearchange pawl I took some pictures so i can remember how it goes back together.

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