Sunday, 6 May 2012

Got the timing cover plate rivets out.

It's taken 3 carbide end mills but I've got the hammer rivets drilled out.

With the hammer rivets more or less removed with the end mill I took the holes out to 2mm for the replacement rivets. To do this I used a 2mm drill in my dremel.

 Then I set about getting the engine in properly.

Made reasonable progress but have found I need to buy 3 3/8" bscy dome nuts. When I built the bike I re-used the manky nuts where you cant see them. Nearly 20 years later I can afford to put such penny pinching behind me so I've put an order in with custom fasteners less than a tenner with a handful of washers (then 4 quid for the p&p).

One slight annoyance is the idler gear has slipped out of location. Means I'll have to re-time the cams...

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