Monday, 7 May 2012


I quite like the concept of 'flow'. The state of mind when you become absorbed in a task and unaware of time. Today much of the time I spent in the shed was in this state of 'flow'. It's a nice place for your head to be in.

Anyway onto the tasks that inspired this state of mind; the first thing was to remove the gearbox cover and  strip it in preparation for powder coating.

I took quite a few pictures not because it was particularly interesting but because I wanted to be able to make sure I put things back together the way they were before I took them apart.

The next job was to prep the gearbox cover, primary cases and timing cover for powder coating. The most time consuming job (and the one where I most experienced 'flow') was cleaning up the weld for the breather boss on the timing cover. This involved using a bristle wheel in the air die grinder, 180 grit wet and dry and the polishing mop with coarse compound. Considering it will be powder coated satin rather than gloss black I probably over prepared things but that's got to be better than under preparing.

I also spent some time removing various dings and scratches from the primary cover.

Here's the stripped gearbox cover, it's degreased but I still need to inspect it to see if I need to give it the same treatment as the primary.

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