Sunday, 13 May 2012

There's usually a reason I don't get round to a job....

....and that reason is usually because deep down inside I know the 'quick and simple' job will be anything but.

Ages ago I chipped the paint taking the tank off. I touched it up using a brush but never got around to flatting it back again. A quick and simple job to sort out, 5 minutes wet sanding tops....

Predictably it didn't take 5 minutes, not only did I break through to the red underneath the black but the craters left by the chip were still there...

Only one thing for it and that was to break out the putty.

 Took a couple of cycles of filling and flatting back but I reckon I've got it done now.

While I was waiting for the putty to harden I prepped the badge for spraying by giving it a thorough clean with gun-wash.

I then laid on three thick coats of rattle can acrylic.

I'll leave it for at least a few days before flatting back to reveal the areas that weren't etched.

Meanwhile I need to decide what to do about the tank, I may be able to fill in with a brush otherwise its time to get the paint gun out.

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