Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day round up

What with a family emergency and Christmas I haven't been able to get into the shed much recently. All I've done on the TriBSA is fit the belt drive clutch, I can't sort the belt adjustment until I've sorted the oil lines as if I move the gearbox I can't get the oil union on or off (oh the joy of specials).

Doesn't look much different from the last photo but the clutch actually installed on the gearbox, this has allowed me to check clearance with the primary chain(belt?)case cover and, fingers crossed, everything's ok.

The BSP fittings arrived (after a bit of a faff and raising a paypal dispute) only to find they won't do the job. Currently assessing the options on that one....

The other thing I've done is swap the slammed suspension on the 'not a project' sportster for some stock components but that is covered in Life Inside The Shed.

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