Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Progress... forks and side stand

Made a start on what I hope is the final stage of working on the forks, fitting the springs.

This is what came in the kit, two springs a piece of plastic pipe for the spacers and 4 washers (not shown).

I cut the pipe in half and, after making some measurements, calculated the preload it would give me. It wasn't enough so I machined up a couple of extra spacers from some ally I had lying around.

So now I had the spring preload right the next stage was to put the fork oil in. Unfortunately, although the springs came with the correct fork oil they didn't come with a recommended air gap so I had to leave it at that.

Unable to complete the forks I turned to the sidestand. When I had the sidestand powdercoated I separated the sidestand from its mount by grinding down the rivet that held it together. When I tried to refit the sidestand with a bolt in place of the rivet I found the head fouled the sidestand spring. So I machined up a pivot in stainless with a low profile head.

Seems to work well enough.

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