Thursday, 29 August 2013

Doesn't look like progress but it is...

Had a whole day in the shed. Bike doesn't look like things have moved on but they have.

I've now got the springs and oil in the forks, I've also adjusted the headraces. Fingers crossed thats everything done on the front end. I've got the speedo sensor in place and actually mounted the head unit on it's bracket.

I've also sorted out the clutch. When I measured up the pushrod I somehow miscalculated the length so it was too short, not a problem though. I cut the pushrod in two, faced the ends on the lathe and hardened the ends. I then stuck the two halves back in but with a 1/4" ball bearing between them. Job done.

I put the timing cover back on but I think I'll need to take it off again because I'm not sure I torqued up the crank nut.

Just ordered a new brake pads and plug caps. Apart from gearbox oil and brake fluid I think that's the last things I need to buy to get the bike going (although I'm sure I'll find something else).

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