Monday, 25 November 2013

WTF No Post since August.

I knew it had been a while since I last posted something but 3 MONTHS...jeez.

I have been up to stuff, the timing cover has been off and on again, this time with a tightened crank nut behind it. The grearbox has oil in it as does the engine and oil tank. I've also fitted a Hi-de-hi Oil Filter. Uses a Triumph/BSA triple filter, lovely bit of kit and a nice price.

I've done loads of small stuff like fit plug caps, the breather pipe etc.

This has meant I've been able to take the bike off the ramp...

... to give it a good kicking until it produced sparks (you'll have to imagine those)

I've bled the front and rear brakes, the rear was a bit of a struggle but after reverse bleeding with a syringe seems to be OK. Weird thing is when I finished the brake lever sat too low so I had to make up a new linkage. Here it is being fitted for size...

...and this is the finished article after adding tapers to both ends.

Feels as if I'm close to trying to start the engine, which is nice.

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