Monday, 21 March 2016

Getting ready for race season.

I've entered the TriBSA for the DTRA Vintage class on 10th April. It's the first race of the season so I have been spending some time getting the bike ready. There are two main things I've been wanting to change. The first is the height of the bike and the second is the footrests.

I've started on the height by ordering some 310mm shocks to replace the 350mm ones.

Last year I fitted rear sets, these gave me the folding footrests required by the regs but, while I found the left hand peg location OK I didn't get on with the right hand location. 

Before fitting the rear sets I was using a set of clamp on footrests that I believe are rare original BSA scrambles items.  Rather than modify the original parts I made a new top half of the bracket that placed the footrest lower and slightly further back.

I'm quite pleased with how its turned out.

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