Thursday, 14 April 2016

Race Prep continued

I machined up some alloy pegs that take BSA footrest rubbers.

The next step was to make a brake pedal, and a mount for the rear master cylinder.

I didn't have an easy way of mounting a reservoir so I decided to use a HRC kit I had lying around. I could have used a bit of clear PVC pipe but apparently brake fluid can react with that and the HRC kit uses a silicone hose. The only problem is the Brembo master cylinder I am using has a different reservoir pipe diameter. Fortunately I have a lathe and a stock of scrap...

I then bled the brake, this is when I found that the stainless plate I was using for the master cylinder bracket wasn't up to the job and was flexing. So with a day to go before race day I found the thickest bit alloy plate and milled a new bracket. I now had a working rear brake on the right hand side.

Finally I fitted number boards and at far too early on Sunday loaded the bike on the trailer to go racing.

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