Monday, 6 July 2009

Bitter sweet

Spent a good few hours in the workshop. The workshop has a lot more space in it now having got rid of two bikes. This is quite bitter sweet. Bitter because I've sold my Gas Gas enduro bike (I'm unlikely to ride competitively again because of the injuries I sustained paragliding last year) but sweet because the other bike shaped space is because I've got my old FJ back on the road and can ride it ok (first time since accident).

Back to work on the TriBSA.....

Last time I was in the garage I glassed in some pieces of aluminium strip with rivnuts attached to give something to attach the seat pan to the seat unit.

I then cut some holes that line up with the rivnuts in the 15mm thick foam that had come with the seat unit. I sprayed this foam and the seat pan with spray adhesive.

I then waited for the vapour to evaporate and stuck them together.

Next I added three layers of cheap camping mat foam using the spray adhesive. I had hoped that the foam would compress over the areas where the strips with rivnuts were but there were distinct raised areas above them. To get over this problem I used an electric carving knife followed by 80 grit paper on a sanding block. While I was at it I flattened the front of the seat and shaped the back of the seat. I finally glued a piece of camping mat foam on the top and sides of the seat. I'm quite glad with how things turned out...

Now I need to figure out how to cover it.

While I was in the garage I decided to sort out the mounting for the LED rear light I bought a while back. When I was glassing in the rivnuts to the seat pan I had also glassed in a piece of slotted angle to the seat unit. A bit of work with the Dremmel allowed me to mount the light on this bracket.

The LED light needed quite a bit of modification to fit but nothing that a Dremmel and hot glue gun couldn't cope with.

The next thing I did was weld the anti roll bracket (bought from Nick at K&S) onto the frame

Here's a picture of things as they stand at the moment.

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  1. lookin great Chas, keep the progress pics coming 8-)