Tuesday, 19 April 2011

If it were easy everyone would do it.

Had a day in the workshop on Sunday, Stuart came over to help, take pictures and even tidied up (which was the best birthday present ever in my book).

After having picked up my powder coated yokes and got the tyres fitted on Friday I had hoped to get the bike onto it's wheels by the end of the weekend.

I thought I'd start with the easier job of fitting the back wheel.

This meant making up a single spacer that to replace the two that locate the wheel on the sprocket side and shim the 15mm axle to the 20mm hole in the eccentrics.

I worked so quickly I was a blur around the lathe...

...within an hour I had this.

It even fitted!

Then all I needed to do was put the back wheel in and measure up a spacer for the disc side.

Odd thing was when the wheel was in situ it was way off to the right. Which was odd because it was spot on when I mocked it up.

At this point I decided to stop and eat bread and cheese to clear my mind before getting the measuring tools out and doing a lot of measuring and thinking.

The conclusion I have come to is that the (TDR) hub is approx 10mm wider than the TZR cast wheel I'd used in mockup with the disc off set to the right.

Although I had supplied the cast wheel for reference Griff's measured the offset from the disc (the logical place to do so as I didn't supply a sprocket) it this means the wheel has the wrong offset.

Also the increase in width means that there is no room for a brake hanger (the bolt heads on the disc only just miss the swingarm).

So it looks like I need the wheel rebuilt with correct offset, the hub machined to move the disc towards the centre to give room for a brake hanger (quite possibly a 6mm steel one rather than the 10mm alloy one I had made). I think I'll also need a different calliper because I suspect the GSXR one I bought will foul the spokes once the disc is moved.

....all fun and games.

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  1. It was a good day. I enjoyed it very much. Measuring the wheels every which way to work out the offset was a great little challenge. We had to measure the new wheel against the old one.

    Seeeping and tidying was a pleasure :-)